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At The Grove Releases A Progressive Rock Masterpiece

A brand new album release from At The Grove is a beautifully woven and powerful progressive rock record with a massive array of melodies, textures, and tones that create a wonderfully addictive soundscape to engulf yourself in.

The ...And All The Fear We Left Behind album is huge and lush with guitar hooks and cinematic vibes that build and bang with intensity as percussion gives a strong back bone and the bass tones are full and laced with heart.

The entire thing is packed with heart and an obvious love for what they do. This band is passionate about their performances on record and everything comes through with a sheen that allows you to get washed away with the sounds.

This is a major musical journey that you have to soak in with headphones for sure.

It's got tons of gorgeous tonality and ambient undertones that swim around you as you listen.

This release is amazing for a long drive or a long walk alone. It's one of those record best listened to as a whole and done by yourself so you can really get swept away with it and let it keep you afloat.

This is a rock record fir sure but it's got so many vibrant and soft sounds that float around in its ether that it creates it's own atmosphere and it's own world even.

It's tasteful and sweetness goes from cold to warm and back again and you can feel those change with the music as it happens.

Take a step into the world of At The Grove and let go with the music.

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