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Anthony Blue - Once A Passion

Inherited from the melodic legacy of pop and sixties-infused rhythm & blues, Anthony Blue's musical journey, influenced by Elvis and Portuguese Fado from his parents, has been a lifelong exploration. Crafting tunes since his teenage years and recording since his twenties, Blue channels inspiration from the depths of pain, passion and perseverance, weaving a tapestry of emotional turmoil set against a melodic backdrop.

In the musical landscape of 2023, Blue unveiled "Distance Myself" and more recently, "Once A Passion." The former, a warm and inviting composition reminiscent of The Beatles, captivates with its well-delivered performance, dynamic energy and irresistible catchiness.

However, it's "Once A Passion" that takes the spotlight. Opening with a graceful violin and what seems to be bass or cello, the initial impression hints at a Celtic influence, only to gracefully transform into a folk tune tinged with melancholy. Blue's vocals, skillfully delivered, blend seamlessly with the emotive layers added by the violin, creating a rich sonic experience. The harmonies on the chorus further elevate the song, infusing it with heartfelt introspection and a sense of hope. The delicate balance achieved in this emotionally charged composition is truly captivating.

As we delve into these two tracks, one can't help but wonder if they offer a glimpse into what the future holds. With no LP or EP releases since 2006, these songs resonate as a longing for more from an artist whose musical resonance is felt not just by me but by many others. Let the melodies unfold, and take a moment to listen – a promising journey may be on the horizon.

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