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Andy E McGuire

Meet Andy E McGuire, an enormously gifted rising star in the world of country music. With a voice that is both powerful and soulful, Andy has been captivating audiences across the globe with his unique blend of traditional country sound interwoven with inspirational lyrics. Watching his father tinker with guitar chords at the kitchen table, Andy was inspired to learn all he could to make music on his own. His father only knew how to play one song, Wildwood Flower, and the haunting beauty of the chords within the song motivated Andy to work ceaselessly to unlock the mystery of the guitar for himself. As a self-taught musician, he initially found it quite a challenge learning guitar, however, the discovery that he too could create art that was good, beautiful, and true spurred him on. Having honed his skills playing at a myriad of events and competitions, Andy has since released several hit songs and albums. He is especially pleased with his latest work, Almighty God, which displays his passion for sharing his faith through song. In addition to his music career, Andy and his wife are extremely passionate about giving back to the community. They support local businesses and the arts. They give scholarships to art camps, and they support local artisans. With his powerful voice and heartfelt lyrics, Andy McGuire is a shining example of the uplifting and inspiring music that defines gospel country. Whether you are a long-time fine or a new listener, his music is sure to touch your heart and lift your spirits.

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