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An Interview With Vargsol

A single dropped from Vargsol hits that alternative rock sweet spot with hard hitting drums, a vast and heavily melodic guitar sound, and memorable vocal hooks that feel massive over memorable riffs and a killer sonic presence.

"Av Glass" is a huge track that you can jump around, headbang, or sing along with at any point in time. It's got this positive feel and the progression is bright but still grungy and heavy.

This single boasts some outstanding styles, and you get this radio rock feel from it even though that distortion is so huge.

The song gets anthemic and powerful and by the end you are singing the chorus with your hands in the air. This track is best listened to nice and loud so you can do things like that.

You get the feeling these guys are ridiculous live as the energy on the recording is really great and that's not always easy to do.

I'm sure live, these guys just crush it from start to finish.

Either way the single is a prime example of what to expect from Vargsol and it makes us damn happy.

With the release of such an edgy and fun single, we wanted to have a chat with the band to find out where it came from and what may be next for them.

Here's what happened.

RAG: Okay so let's start with "AV Glas". This single had a heavy but grungy style to it! Where did this track come from?

It was a really fast and easy process. In my experience acting on instinct and not second guessing this primitive part of song writing always brings out the best songs (god knows I've tried the other, intellectual and more complex way of writing). The production was then more involved as I tried to find a really clear expression and tried a number of musical clothings. The fuzz guitar riff was there from the beginning and I knew that I wanted the drums to be really explosive. The topic of the song is in essence frustration with the times we live in and coping. There are just so many illogical, inhumane and repressive tendencies going on right now in the world.

RAG: So how did this all begin for you guys?

In the beginning of 2022, after barely seeing the light after the Covid-19 pandemic and as the world seemed to cave in with Russia invading Ukraine, Vargsol became my pressure valve, a vehicle to handle my emotions. While Vargsol is not political per se, the lyrics all deal with the dark side of life, both internally and in relation to the outside world. My guiding star has been making the songs really to the point and aggressive to match the lyrics. I'm not sure anymore what came first, the emotional strain in the lyrics or the gritty musical choices with lots of distortion and purposeful ugly sounds. I have had an urge to write in my native tounge for some time and the immediacy of not having to translate my thoughts seemed to fit the objective of not beating around the bush musically.

RAG: Who is in your headphones right now?

Madison Cunningham, Elder, Rebecka Törnqvist and Ty Segall have been on pretty heavy rotation lately.

RAG: What inspires you to write a song?

It's a delicate balance between managing to describe the darker aspects of my existence on one hand, and on the other the pure ecstasy of writing a guitar riff or bass part that has something special. I basically want the core part of any song to almost play itself. From there on, it's more a matter of not screwing it up by thinking too much.

RAG: I'm hearing some great styles on this song. Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

I have a penchant for music that looks deep in the mirror, the musical style doesn't really matter much to me. That said, I love the expression of the electric guitar and I grew up musically on a healthy diet of Queen, Soundgarden, Jimi Hendrix and Black Sabbath. Expanding from that musical base, I think Vargsol takes inspiration from various aspects of Neil Young, Talk Talk, Thåström, Blood Red Shoes, Portishead, Entombed, Mogwai, Quicksand among many others.

RAG: What are you guys doing when you're NOT working on music?

I run a recording studio called Studio Vinden focusing on remote mixing for other clients so music is ever present in my life. To reach a mental balance I also enjoy running really far on the trails around my hometown of Gothenburg, Sweden. No headphones, only accompanied by my panting, rustling leaves and the occasional deer or moose. I love it, it's so extremely basic and simple.

RAG: Would you say live performances are a big part of what you guys do?

Currently, playing live isn't something we've considered, but as Vargsol finds itself, this music is definitely made to be played live and interact with the listeners in a physical way.

RAG: This song feels like a big undertaking, is there any advice you'd give to other up and coming bands out there?

I think that this timeless nugget still stands: Do what you love and don't care what other people say. It may even be that it's more relevant now than ever before in popular music. As I see it there are no real benefits in compromising creatively anymore with the drastically decreased recording budgets and democratization of recording technology and streaming services taking over so much of the listening experience. I'd rather reach a limited set of people who really connect with our music than lose the core and reach a few more, there's too little to gain in going down that route. Unfortunately I'm also struggling with what I see as the biggest challenge right now, how to actually reach the people who might like our music. But nothing new under the sun, I guess. Baby steps is my strategy and this interview is in the right direction.

RAG: What can your fans expect from you in the near future?

We're in the process of finishing an EP that is coming out during the second half of 2022. If you like Av Glas, you will not be disappointed!

RAG: Before we go, what would you like to say to fans of the music?

Thank you, it's amazing that something this personal connects emotionally with others! And please interact with us on our Instagram page @vargsolband to receive updates on the upcoming Vargsol events, the EP being the first in line.


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