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An Honest and Colorful Single from Jessica Malone

A single release from Jessica Malone brings out a vivacious and colorful blend of pop, soul, and jazz, and along with it comes this flare of a Southern Louisiana type of undertone that lends such a hand to the song itself that everything comes through with this warmth and character that you latch onto right from the get-go.

"Bloom" is a song that isn't just riddled with persona and character, but also with a lush set of instrumentation that really sets the tone and vibrancy of the song complete with horn sections and piano along with these live drums that complement each other so well as the song unfolds and you end up getting wrapped up in the atmosphere that it gives off.

There's something about the song that feels youthful and that could also be just in the energy of it all because this does indeed sound like it was recorded live on the floor in some respects. After all, it's as if the players involved were feeding off of each other the entire time and this gives the song the sense of being alive and breathing in a way.

Of course, I could be completely wrong about the whole live on the floor thing, but either way, listening to this song makes you want to see it performed live in your face just because if the energy is captured so well on record, then seeing this performance live must just be outstanding.

The vocal performance coming straight from Jessica has heart and this enthusiasm that makes the song electric, and I think that this is part of how the song thrives the way that it does.

She's not just leading the way, she's loving in her delivery, so you have a song that's got a smooth feel, a robust sound, and this authenticity to it, and with all these things together you have a song that boasts a lot of heart.

Having said all that of course, the song is a really good time because it feels good to listen to, it's got color, and it pops so you get these elements of a youthful energy and approach but a maturity and songwriting at the same time.

In a way, this track is a new phase for Jessica as the lyrics hint towards, and maybe that's why the song is called Bloom, because she's blooming into the stage in her life where she's living for the present and some things are happening that make her feel good so she's soaking it in while she's alive.

I love this aspect of it because it's so relatable that you feel like this is the sort of track that could have served as the soundtrack to a certain chapter in your own life at some point and I think it's wonderful to have a song make that kind of connection so quickly.

All in all, this is a pop single, and it does a damn good job of grabbing your attention and keeping you right where it wants to.

I adore what Jessica does with their vocals because not only does she deliver a soulful and memorable performance on the Forefront, but in the background, she uses her vocals as instruments harmonizing and adding different textures to the song in different places.

It's all quite brilliantly done, and the song certainly affected me in a very positive and uplifting way.

Certainly, give this track a spin when you get a chance and see how it affects your state of mind.

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