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An Honest and Catchy New Single From Bibbaty Bop

A new release from Bibbaty Bop features a fresh and youthful vibe that showcases a great energy and a crisp style complete with some deep-rooted honesty and a fiery and uplifting feel.

"Big Dreams" is very real and talks of struggles and light at the end of the tunnel and most importantly what's coming next for the artist.

The crazy thing is that Bibbaty Bop is only 11 years old.

A bright new young artist that's already making his way in the hip hop world is something to be seen and at such a young age it's a breath of fresh air to say the least.

The beat is fresh and fun which complements Bibbaty's rap style, and it all works perfectly together.

"Big Dreams" is a powerhouse and serves as a great example of the artist's presence and character.

This single has hooks and a seemingly flawless flow that really comes from his life experience which already is a tough thing to do yet Bibbaty does it without a hitch.

This is one to look out for in the future too because you can tell just by listening that even at the age, he's at now, he's found his thing.

He's found the thing that can drive him and get amotions off his shoulders and peak his mind.

His songs are already relatable, courageous, and smart.

Make way for Bibbaty Bop.

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