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An Expansive Release from Buddha Boy aka Bodhi

A brand-new release from Buddha Boy AKA Bodhi brings together an outstanding stretch of genre-bending soundscapes that come through sometimes in the form of '90s alternative pop feel, other times in a more expansive and vaster undertone, dream pop, alternative pop, hip hop, and so much more all rolled into one massive record release that boasts enough character for you to get engulfed.

The Children of the Sun album speaks a lot of truths and shows different sides of the artist while the production side of things certain staple sound at the same time.

I adore how some of these songs have that great vastness in the tonality and they bring together such a beautiful blend of textures to create an atmosphere for the record that ends up being something you escape into for a good chunk of time.

This record is indeed a beautiful escape and has a way of pulling you away from your surroundings so much so that if you listen to the album all the way through, which is certainly something you should be doing here, you have to reacclimate yourself back to your own reality again.

This to me is like a gift in music because it happens so rarely that when it comes along it's refreshing.

Such beautiful tones flow throughout the ether of these songs used by synth pads that keep songs ambient and deep and the blend of different genres coming together is borderline brilliant simply because things come through with an almost cinematic undertone as vocals or synths are at times dripping with reverb and there is a wonderfully eclectic style to everything done along with collaborations with different artists that pop in and out throughout the record.

A lot about this record was gracefully done and you can tell there was a lot of attention to detail throughout its creation, but it never loses this sort of character or persona that it starts with in the first place and that might be the most important aspect of it all.

There is definitely more than a few surprises that you find and by listening to the whole album you were really getting the full range of what it delivers.

If you listen to only one or two tracks, you're not getting everything that it has to offer, and this is why I suggest listening to the album as a whole is the proper way to soak this in.

I'm sure it was created that way and the songs have such a strangely interconnected feeling to them as well almost like it's a concept album of sorts.

The use of keys and synths are extremely well done and even the tones and sounds of those keys are thought out properly so that the album borders on house, dance, pop, and all the other genres I mentioned earlier but the deeper into the record you go, the more diversity you begin to hear.

Albums like this are intensely fun and they feel like they're alive and breathing because there are so many layers to them.

I can't get enough of the electronic element and instrumentation utilized throughout this record and how each song has a feel of its own, but the album still has a glue that connects everything so well.

This is an album that pulls you away and lets you think and feel which is something that a lot of us look for without even knowing it.

We need more music like this in the world so that we can connect with music more and we can have songs and pieces of music that let us think or feel.

This is an important thing and I'm glad to have found Buddha Boy AKA Bodhi is giving all of this.

A massive and intricate record delivered with character.

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