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An Expansive Alt-Pop Release from Coronus

A brand-new album release from Coronus delivers a sonically massive soundscape that comes through unbelievably expansive and blends this vast undertone with a bright electronic overtone and it also gives off a certain breed of honesty and this sort of cinematic backbone at times.

The ghost hands album is built with an array of experimental synths and keys, digital beats, guitars, and so much more all rolled up into one record that definitely keeps to an experimental feel and approach as it bends genres at free will.

One of my favorite aspects about this record is that it's more of an experience than just an album and if you listen to the whole thing from start to finish, which by the way is what you should be doing, then it's a really great escape because the record can pull you away from your surroundings and put you in a different place altogether which is something you don't come across often so when you do it's almost rejuvenating.

What's the album's over you have to sort of reacclimate yourself back to reality again and this is awesome.

This record manages to blend elements of R&B, dream pop, bedroom pop, indie rock, electronica, and so much more all delivered with this particular kind of character that you end up getting attached to by the end.

If I had to call this one particular thing which I hate to do by the way, I would call it alternative pop because that's really what it is.

This record is put together and built with much fewer boundaries than the norm and I think that's brilliant because I feel like that's where pop music is headed.

This is an album that doesn't have walls around it, it delivers that honesty right up front if you really listen, and the sounds and textures of this record become so addictive and unexpected.

This album sort of blew me away a little bit just because the production of it is so outside the box and as I mentioned before, by the time you get halfway through the record you begin to actually expect the unexpected which was very refreshing.

The way the vocal approach is done changes in varies from song to song at times but there is this staple feel that's always there throughout the record.

At times it feels like it may be a concept record of sorts and the songs have this interconnection between them which is another reason you should be listening to the whole album but for me, the reason for the full album is because if you listen to only one or two tracks off of this thing then you're getting nowhere near the spectrum of what it actually has to offer.

I understand that we live in a single-based society and all that, but people put out albums for a reason.

That reason is so you can listen to the whole damn album not just the track or two.

This was extremely fun, colorful, and edgy, it had plenty of trippiness, it had lots of heart, it was dripping with persona and honestly, it felt like it was endlessly fun to put together like this artist is in his zone when he's in that bubble recording his stuff.

A very experimental and avant-garde alternative pop record that gives waves of Sonic presence and blends digital textures together with natural instruments strewn throughout this massive opus of an album, ghost hands is riddled with things that will make you take a step back and repeat songs just so you can soak everything in properly again.

It's been a long time since I've heard an album that has the ability to sort of swim around in the air that surrounds you and put you in this sort of trance in a way.

Check this record out with headphones on as, in my opinion, it's one of the best ways to listen.

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