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An Emotionally Driven Single Release from Francesca Tarantino

A brand-new single release from Francesca Tarantino is an acoustic version of a previously dropped song called "Tragedy" and this track bears a little bit more soul than the original did in my opinion simply because it's got more of a stripped-down feel with acoustic guitar, vocals and bowed strings which feel and sound like cello which does an unbelievable job of adding an additional layer of emotion to the track.

This song is extremely personal and lets Francesca really give a good piece of herself as she showcases her emotional drive and backbone and puts it out there for everyone to take in however they will.

This is the kind of thing that takes bravery, but it's also the kind of thing that makes true art genuine because when you create art, you're supposed to be giving pieces of yourself and you're supposed to be taking down walls that you've built around yourself to let certain things out which is exactly what Francesca does here.

It's quite a sad song but extremely relatable and most likely very cathartic for Francesca to write and release.

This single grows, and intensity and by the end of it, she's just belting out loud, and within that you can hear this youthful cry out and those emotions just exploding.

The song doesn't just bear sadness, there's also the confusion and anger that comes along with any kind of serious loss which is what this song talks about.

While I'm unsure exactly what the loss is, I can feel that pain coming through in the song and that's something that grabs hold of you and lets you know that this is authentic.

We're no strangers to Francesca and her music and this track shows a little bit of a different side to the artist because she pulls off the singer-songwriter approach with such intensity and soul in her performance that you can feel it in your bones.

If you're not super familiar with Francesca Tarantino as of yet, I would definitely suggest listening to some of her back catalog on Spotify where you will find the original version of this song, along with a few other singles that are amazing.

Francesca is a young artist who is paving her own path musically and she's doing it with fewer boundaries built around her which is something any artist should aim towards.

Take a deep dive into this track and see how it affects you because believe me, it will have an effect on you.

After that, check out some of her other singles because they're well worth listening to and show different sides of her artistry as well.

A graceful and beautiful performance by Francesca Tarantino on this one.

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