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An Emotionally Charged and Descriptive Single from Lounna

A beautiful new single from Lounna delivers a passionate performance that is coupled with a sort of cinematic undertone in the form of an Americana and folk single that has such a growing intensity that it's able to wrap you up even with its subtleties and you end up becoming engulfed in the soundscape and the emotional drive that the song boasts almost from the very beginning.

"Peak Season" is a track that gives a wonderful honesty that automatically has this lush character attached to it and I think that's part of what you get attached to but at the same time, the music itself along with the vocals all create an atmosphere that feels like it's swimming in the air that surrounds you.

In a way, this song is about heartbreak or some kind of lost love but it's not just about that because it is so descriptive about how the winter months and the cold, the gray and the darkness, are associated with the feeling of sadness or loss and those descriptions that are evident throughout the song talk of how the dark months will turn into spring and your flowers will bloom and your heartbreak will fade with the season change.

It's so incredibly intriguing and borderline brilliant how those comparisons go hand in hand, and how she's able to articulate the feelings and emotions into seasons, how time can heal certain kinds of wounds, and how the wound is like the winter and the beginning of the healing is like the spring.

It's all so gracefully performed and the music itself incorporates such lush instrumentation from acoustic guitar to banjo, violins, pianos, and more so it does indeed create this very vast tonality that you don't want to leave simply because it makes you feel.

Even her vocal performance hence toward this sort of sullen feeling and the whole thing is so genuine and its approach and in its delivery that you end up just getting washed away with everything.

In a way, it's very relatable because we all have different struggles, and we will understand what the song is about but it's this kind of stuff that blows my mind in terms of how certain artists can just articulate feelings into words and music like that.

This was indeed to me, Americana blended with folk, and it comes through with that sort of rustic undertone, but it all contributes to the feeling that the song gives off and to that character that you end up relating to and falling into.

In the end, there's a light at the end of the tunnel because the last line in the song is about how that darkness won't last much longer and I think it's a great closure to a song like this with so much meaning and so much impact.

This was beautifully done and certainly left his mark on me.

It's cinematic and borderline theatrical soundscape really let me swim through the song and in the end, it hit me to the point where I was really feeling it.

I think we need more music that makes you think, and that makes you feel because it's important not only for the artist but for the listener.

For Lounna, this may have been cathartic but for the listener, it's understandable and relatable so we feel like we may not be alone in whatever struggle we're going through and it's important to have songs that let us know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel because that's a message people should hear.

A wonderful song that you should listen to right now with headphones on.

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