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An Edgy Pop EP from Max Cinnamon

A new EP release from Max Cinnamon delivers an edgy and vast alternative pop soundscape that brings out an experimental and honest approach that brings with it these sorts of deep grooves and a very deepening and hard-hitting production style but what really grabs you about this record is the character that it comes along with which is something you end up getting attached to right from the start.

The Classical Ending EP showcases the artist's very radio friendly and polished but also gritty and edgy songwriting and recording style and when you listen to these tracks, you're sort of taken away to a different place that feels almost Fantastical in a strange way.

These tracks are like an escape that pulls you away from your surroundings and they lean on this heavy-handed cinematic backbone which works wonders for how these songs can sort of push the envelope and now this aesthetic.

The title track is the first one and this one gives you an invitation to this world with bendy pop vocals that come with a vast undertone and a combination of piano and synths that give you a hard rhythm but also add this atmosphere so that the song has a way of sort of swimming through the air that surrounds you.

This does an amazing job of sort of genre-bending in a way because you have elements of progressive and indie pop, dream pop as well, and again, this very radio-friendly feel at the same time so you get this combination of color, character, and heaviness that all work wonders and seem to complement each other super well.

I love hearing pop music that sounds heavy and hard which these certainly do but they also have this gracefulness in the performance and a flow to them as well that creates these sonic drives and that's the kind of thing that leaves a bit of an impact.

You have these hints of alternative rock in the mix as well and I think maybe that's part of what influences the artist to let his pop songs come through so heavy, but the production of these songs is a huge part of what creates that space that you fall into when you listen to the songs.

I think it's a borderline brilliant combination and putting together and building tracks so that he can lay down vocals on them and create something refreshing is where this artist is in his happy place I feel like.

He is a producer at heart and can create songs that are lush with beautiful instrumentation and is also able to take that and create an atmosphere or emotional drive with them even before any vocals even come into play.

That's not an easy thing to do but Max does it not only well, but he does it with a charm.

The second track on the EP which is called "City on Fire" follows suit with the first but has a different tonality to it to an extent and I love these almost distorted synth bass sounds that come along with this track.

They hit with the kick drum and what's the song sort of punch.

The way he tracks his vocals is awesome as well because they have a little swagger to them where he bends his notes and holds out notes and he uses his vocals at different parts of songs is almost like an instrument but all in all the vocal tracks add this beautiful layer of melody on top of these harsh hitting beats and music, so those textures meant well together.

You can clearly tell this is coming from someone who has a pure love for his craft and that bleeds through on every track you hear from the artist.

Check this EP out as soon as you can because if you love pop music then this will definitely not let you down.

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