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An Edgy Alt-Rock banger from Undefeated Has Landed

A brand-new single release from Undefeated delivers a vast and heavy alternative rock soundscape that's all packed to the brim with this lush character and hints at gothic undertones that all come together to create this almost haunting atmosphere that hits hard exactly when it needs to and crawls under your skin in the best ways possible.

One of my favorite aspects about "Insane" is the fact that it's not just this dark-edged alternative rock song. It's also got a catchy rhythm to it a lot of the time and this pop sort of overtone that brings in color along with that edginess and that's something that makes for not only a song that is impactful, but it has a sort of a cinematic backbone as well.

It's a track that's fun and even danceable, but also heavy and certainly comes with a few surprises around the corners.

There are arts where they break into a more growling and grueling metal section and on its way to that part, you have this sort of church bell that hits when the chords strike and so you get that cinematic feel on a bigger level during that section as well.

I like this because they can certainly shred and thrash if they wanted to and there are sections of the song that do lean more towards that but really this is a super well-written and well-rounded alternative rock song that has soul and tells a story and I feel like that's way more important than anything else.

This is a song that comes with character and personality which is something a lot of music of any genre seems to be missing these days so to come across it now is very refreshing.

So, you have this heavy-handed edgy, alt bock Banger and a top it all, are these Soulful and intense vocals that are performed adding a whole different layer of texture to the song and this along with everything else is what really helps create this atmosphere that you end up falling right into.

By the time the last chorus comes around you're singing along with your fists in the air, and this is something that I've missed for such a long time, especially in heavier music.

I just really love the combination of storytelling, gothic underbelly, color, edginess, and soul all just rolled into one track.

One of the other things that hit me really well is the energy level.

This whole thing has the essence of a live performance in its own way simply because it feels as if everyone involved is feeding off of each other the whole time and this gives it the vibe of being alive and breathing.

A very cool aspect for a track like this because it's unique and speaks volumes about how the band comes together to write songs.

This was a heavy track that packed a massive punch but also had a gracefulness to it and that bit of darkness that let it come through alluring and intriguing.

You can tell there was a lot of attention to detail during the creation of this track right down to the guitar tone, and the performances on all parts were outstanding from drums to bass guitars and vocals, everything complemented each other perfectly.

This was a killer single and I am certainly going to be paying a lot more attention to Undefeated from here on out.

Maybe you should do the same.

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