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An Anthemic Rock Banger from FOURA.M

A single release from FOURA.M brings out a colorful but edgy and almost thrashing alternative and pop rock banger with this almost radio-friendly approach and certain brightness to it that brings everything to life and that has a lot to do with the persona or character that's delivered with this track and the energy levels being so intense that the whole thing is just addicting.

"Little Wins" comes through with a heavily driving backbone and the guitar tone alone brings the song such a massive sonic presence that it's impossible to turn away from, but the vocals and the drumming really add a lot to how the song actually pushes the envelope.

The energy is almost like a live performance because it feels like everyone involved is feeding off of each other the entire time and this is something that creates that gigantic sort of intensity that the song gives off.

Having said that, it's very positive and uplifting feeling song and that's why I feel like it's more of a pop rock track than anything else although again, it does have that alternative backbone and edginess to it that packs quite a punch.

The vocals are belting but melodic and they add such a great layer of melodies to the song itself and there's a lot of hooks throughout this track that stick in your brain for hours or even days after the song has ended and that's the kind of thing that can only be satiated by listening to it again.

The arrangement and even production of this track is completely stellar as well and the guitar work his killer with these great little bendy licks here in there along with musical hooks that also stick with you.

The progressions are awesome as well and at times the song makes me think of bands like Foo Fighters for example but there's also these kind of old school approaches in there as well in terms of the heavier tonality of the whole thing.

At times you even get a sort of punk rock feel vocally with these big robust sets of vocals that are laid on top of each other and sort of chant in a powerful way.

This is one of those songs that you can sing along with, head bang to, or just rock out with but either way, it's addicting, and it's delivered with an electric energy and a charisma that is really what gives this song that special element.

This is a fists-in-the-air power rock banger that makes me feel like it's something that could have been released in the late 90s underground alt rock music scene but also could be on the radio right now.

The best part is this is a debut single from the band on Spotify so I definitely going to be keeping an eye out for whatever these guys release next because an energy captured on record this well and not something you come across often so I'm looking forward to seeing if they can reach this level or even top it with the next track around.

In the meantime, "Little Wins" will shortly keep me satisfied as I'm about to play it again nice and loud which is exactly how you should do it.

Check this track out and turn it up because you certainly won't regret it.

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