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An Album Release from The Others was Long Time in The Making

An album release from The Others brings on a vintage pop rock and punk undertone along with a ton of pure pop soundscapes that coat these songs, and everything comes through with such a vivacious character and energy that the record becomes quickly addictive.

This is a special release because The Others were a band from the '80s and were together until the early 90s.

This album features songs that were written decades ago but also fresh ones because in 2022 the band had a reunion and since then have been recording material and playing shows as well.

With their return comes this boisterous and endlessly fun album release called New Old Stock and now you know where that name came from.

The beauty of this is that the songs have a genuinely vintage feel to them and for me, it brings up such heavy nostalgia, so the record feels amazing to listen to.

Everything right down to the aesthetic of how the tracks were recorded is authentic and so you're getting something special here.

This isn't a band that started in 2018 and had some great influences to create something new.

This is a band that started in 1988 so their influences were quite different thus making their sound pure in my ears.

This record encompasses a Gambit of this sort of power pop rock soundscape, and they do it with jumping and colorful guitar riffs, danceable rhythms, and an energy that actually feels like a live performance in a lot of ways.

Listening to this record does indeed have the vibe of a group of people in a room feeding off of each other musically and so that energy comes through on the record and gives the band such a bright presence that it's undeniable.

They have a nearly perfect sonic drive, but it's always got that bit of heart and color to it, so you have that blend of edginess and catchiness that come together, and the album ends up creating an atmosphere that you just don't want to leave.

The story behind this record is amazing simply because this is the kind of band that you wish would somehow get back together and release songs that were previously unreleased, or simply reworked and refreshed.

It's the sort of thing that happens very rarely in this world and so to have it feels special and you can hear this second coming of the band in every track on this record.

They're happy about it. Their love for what they do likely never left them but whatever life brought to them led to an inevitable split up back in the early 90s.

To have a return now is a gift.

These tracks are so radio-friendly, that you might end up singing along to half of them by the third chorus around, fists in the air, nice and loud.

It's pop music. It's just that simple. This is pop rock with a vintage approach that comes from someplace completely real, it's packed with charisma, heart, persona, and an electric energy that wraps itself around you and keeps you right where it wants to.

This is a feel-good record through and through and if you listen to it first thing in the morning it'll definitely set a great time for the day.

The songs are completely catchy and each one of them brings a little bit of a different element to the table so listening to the full record is the way to go because just checking out one or two songs doesn't give you the full spectrum of what the album offers.

While I listened to this record, I wondered to myself which songs were written in 1990 or 1989, or 2022.

Listening to this record makes you want to see these guys play live simply because of where it originated, and the energy that's delivered on the recording itself.

To me, this is a triumphant return of a band coming back to their roots.

Dive into this record as soon as you can and don't be afraid to turn it up.

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