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An album release from Scarecrowz Hits all The Classic Metal Sweet Spots

An album release from Scarecrowz it's a nearly perfect combination of classic metal and a driving alternative rock soundscape that come together and really give you all the sweet spots that you would look for out of a record of the genre.

The Dusk of Another Dawn album is something a bit special, and I'll tell you why.

Guitars screech and squeal, and you get gigantic choruses that beckon classic arena rock bands, but you also get this great edginess that gives the album an intensity and fire that come through with a gusto and endless energy.

I absolutely love that blend of those two genres of rock coming together because in a way it gives me a slight sense of nostalgia but not all the time because some of the time things have more of a new school approach and so to have those two things come together in one record it feels refreshing and a lot of these songs just hit with a memorable punch.

There's a lot of aspects and attributes of this record that I miss in great rock music and bands of today and one of those things is guitar solos that actually have a real approach to them.

Guitar solos that would likely be played exactly the same in a live setting.

Those kinds of aspects are really important when it comes to genuine hard rock or classic metal bands because those are the elements that people remember.

It's been a while since I've listened to a song a few times and couldn't wait to get that guitar solo.

I love the feeling of that.

This is a record created by a group of people who have an absolute love for their craft and all of them have a little bit of a different influence that they bring to the table which you can clearly hear in certain tracks.

There are more than a handful of songs that stand out as singles and would do super well on their own, but I also feel like listening to this album as a whole is the proper way you're supposed to be doing it.

This is another thing I've missed for quite some time in any kind of genre of music.

I totally understand that things are different now and we live in a single-based society based on people with no patience I suppose.

But for me, I grew up in a time. Where albums came on cassette tapes, or vinyl records, or CDs and you were able to really just pop it in the player and listen to it all the way through.

The only break you get is when you had to stop and flip the tape over if it was a cassette.

But you still did that right away and continue listening to that full album and I think that is something very important that is lacking in today's musical society.

I'm really glad that this band brought that feeling and that approach back to music and it makes sense for the genre that it is.

These guys have a true love for what they do, and this record is packed with not only a love for the craft but a love of real classic metal.

I would definitely suggest checking this out, turning it up, and listening to it from beginning to end.

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