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Amykita Washes You Away Into Her World

The new single release from Amykita is a brutally honest and slightly somber R&B power ballad that really builds into a cinematic and ambient toned piece of work that crawls under your skin in all the best ways.

An ultra soulful vocal approach with soft keys, distant beats and haunting backing vocals glide in and out of the background, "I Wonder" is an alluring and strangely fascinating track.

The track has the ability to wash you way with its sound and you have the feeling of just barely waking up in a slight but pleasant haze.

The songs accompanying video is also quite enticing as it's visual impressions or vibrant and meaningful. It all comes together and you get a glimpse of what Amykita was feeling. What kind of thoughts she had in her head at the time of writing the song.

Writing imaginative and fresh songs and bringing them together with videos that push the envelope a bit is part of what Amykita does.

She has ways of keeping you incredibly engaged and does it very well.

You can listen and watch a lot of her videos and singles on her YouTube Channel.

Go delve into what Amykita has to offer. It's worth it.

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