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Alex Julia Rocks On Her own Terms

Alex Julia dropped a new EP and it's an edgy alternative rock and indie-pop crossover record that brings some classic sounds to a new school platform.

The record has a major pop rock tonality to it and Julia knows how to write a catchy rock song without losing it's alt-rock style.

The Better Part Of Me EP features tastefully laid lead guitars, acoustic pop undertones and a radio rock feel that keeps everything driving.

The songs are built on life experience and you can hear that in the songs as performances are alluring and passionate.

Almost every song has a unique style to it that separates it from the rest but there is still a very confluent feel as a whole. It even sounds almost like it's a concept album at times.

This is clearly a set of songs that mean something to the artist as she puts a lot into each one, and with each one, pushes the envelope a little more.

A polished but raw sounding and sonically massive record, Better Part Of Me displays a powerful songwriter doing her thing on her own terms. Letting it all out just to let it all out and having a damn good time doing it.

Already gaining traction, Alex Julia is making her way into the world of indie rock gracefully.

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