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A Wonderfully Woven EP from Squirrels on mars

An EP release from Squirrels on Mars comes through with a very unique brand of honesty and storytelling as each individual song has a backstory that comes forward and unfolds as you listen, and it all has this certain level of heart and character to them which is one of the things you end up getting attached to right from the very first track.

The EP is called The Party's Over, and it bears a warm and sort of welcoming singer-songwriter and acoustic-based soundscape with little hints of Americana here and there, but it all has a very stripped-down and personal approach, and this is something that can make the song sound cinematic or even relatable half the time.

The thing about this EP is that each song feels like a chapter in someone's life, and they tell these stories from a perspective of inner thought so you get this detail lyrically that is enough for you to get an understanding for where the song is coming from, but it also leaves enough room for you to use your imagination and picture things in your head as well.

This record is almost like a book in that sense. It serves as a kind of escape from your own life for a little bit and for that chunk of time you're in someone else's but the strange thing about that is some of these songs feel like they could have served as part of the soundtrack to certain chapters in your own life as well.

It's a very strange connection that happens when you listen to this EP, but it also feels good in a way.

These songs really do paint such great stories and perspectives all with this one-on-one aesthetic and when you listen to it, it feels like you're watching a live performance in a way.

The way the vocals and the guitars complement each other is a wonderful attribute to this whole record and this is one of those releases that you should listen to from beginning to end so you can soak everything in.

There are a few songs that I feel stand out as singles but listening to the whole EP is more of an experience and I feel like that's what it was meant for which is something that I've missed in a lot of music for quite some time because we live in such a single-based society these days that a lot of artists or groups just really singles.

This was quite beautiful, descriptive, charismatic, and colorful, but also personal as it walks a border between serious and humorous throughout the whole thing.

It's a clever release that has a way of drawing you into its atmosphere and in doing so you get engulfed and eventually washed away with everything.

I loved the way this whole thing was performed to put together and when the EP was over, I had to again reacclimate myself back to reality. My reality anyway.

I adore a record that has such a personality but also that connectivity to the point where not only can you picture things in your head but sometimes memories of your own actually pop into your head.

That to me is kind of a beautiful thing and doesn't happen often enough So to have it here was quite refreshing.

This project is a duo between Sean Cafferty and Colby Dean, and I feel like these two are a match made in musical heaven because the flow is just so forward moving and natural, a little bit dreamy, but very genuine and authentic.

Take a deep dive into this record as soon as you can and do so with headphones on in my opinion.

Again, I can't hurt you enough to listen to the whole thing, but I feel like that'll be a natural reaction after just the first song.

See how this affects you.

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