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A Vast and Theatrical New Release from Emil Moonstone and the Anomalies

A full-length album release from Emil Moonstone and the Anomalies comes through with a vast rock undertone that tells stories and feels like it has a massive theatrical backbone to it which is all delivered with a wonderful and less character that you end up getting attached to pretty much right from the start.

The naked is man upon the earth album is packed with layers of textures that combine together to create this open-ended and almost freeing atmosphere and once you're in that atmosphere, you never really want to leave.

There's a lot about this record that is experimental especially in the production and the songwriting comes through indeed like chapters of a book in a strange way which makes this whole record feel like a concept album to me.

The tracks do interconnect and strange ways both musically and I think that the whole thing has a deeper meaning that's almost existential in a way.

I love that there is piano, keys, and guitars that all provide a rhythmic backbone and how much persona is strewn throughout the record.

A lot of this comes through with just as much edginess as it does color and some of them even feel a little bit animated vocally, but I really enjoy that soundscape and how you can easily get engulfed in the whole thing.

For me, this record was a total escape and as I listened to it deeper and deeper, I completely forgot about my surroundings for that chunk of time which was refreshing and something that only certain kinds of records can give.

I really appreciate things like that because it's a rarity these days that you get such a fantastical but straightforward release that gives you that theatrical approach so that you get pulled into these songs almost like they were indeed scenes of a play or like I said earlier, chapters of a book.

This is certainly the type of record that you listen to from beginning to end so you can soak it in the way it was meant to be.

There are certainly singles that stand out to me but again, this is the album that you listen to in full so that you can get a grasp for all the different feels and sonic soundscapes that there are across the record.

What really gets me is that a lot of this record has a great energy almost like a live performance and all the songs have this graceful tonality to them in the way that you feel like the record has a certain level of class in its own right.

This was a cool aspect because it separated the record from others and that also had to do with its combination of genres that incorporates.

This was created by a group of people who are releasing music with fewer boundaries than their predecessors but still adding in this extra creativity level and aren't afraid to incorporate different influences within the record.

You can tell that everyone involved has a real love for their craft and together they're creating music that stands out and separates itself from the herd so that a lot of the music that you get on this album is nowhere near cookie-cutter but instead, a little bit more outside the box and experimental.

This is music that makes you think and we need a lot more of that in our day and age even if it is fantastical or theatrical.

This album was more an experience than just an album and I suggest listening to it in full, with headphones on and no interruptions.

Take a swim through this record when you get a chance, you won't regret it.

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