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A Massive LP From Sygnal To Noise

A massive LP release from Sygnal to Noise brings out a lush and almost anthemic rock soundscape that brings together some of the best parts of different subgenres like alternative rock, indie rock, pop rock, and a bunch more all rolled up into one big release and done with this certain level of heart that you can just feed off of as it's going.

The Human Condition album has such a unique flair to it and as you go through the record you begin to realize that you can expect the unexpected, especially in terms of the songwriting itself.

I came to enjoy this because I like records like this.

Records that have layers you can peel back and that have surprises around the corners when you least expect them.

A lot of this album boasts a cinematic backbone and the songs come through almost alive and breathing half the time.

There's something also very connective and confluent about this album almost as if it was a concept record of sorts which it absolutely could be.

The connective aspect of it feels more personal because it's got all these little elements of a nostalgic undertone, especially for someone like myself who listened to a lot of harder rock on the radio in the 90s for example.

There were memorable melodies, catchy choruses, and a lot of heart just like this album has.

This was graceful in its own right and came through with so much character that it's undeniable.

Even the dynamic balance of that energy and even the tones of the songs come through with thought.

There was a lot of attention to detail during the creation of this record, but it never loses that character or persona the whole time.

I think it feels nostalgic because some of these songs feel like they could have been part of the soundtrack to certain chapters of your own life and to be able to nail that kind of aesthetic is something special.

There's a certain power behind these tracks and they come off vast a lot of the time and this is something that you can get engulfed in quickly because it gives the album an atmosphere.

You can also tell that a lot of these songs came from some place authentic which makes them more genuine of course. There is honesty behind a lot of these tracks.

The riffs can be hard-hitting, or they can be more melodic and vast.

Either way you're getting something that is memorable and most of the time you get these hooks of course is that stick with you and bounce around in your brain for hours or even days after the song has ended and to me that's smart songwriting because the only way to satiate that is to go and listen to the songs again.

I feel like these guys just write like that naturally.

Look, this record is certainly not reinventing the wheel by any means however it's taking something welcoming and familiar and making it there wrong.

This is arena rock music at its finest and it's done with class and charm to boot.

This is the kind of record you can headbang to, air guitar to, or dance around the living room and sing along with.

They're certainly covering a lot of the bases now aren't they.

The best part about it is these songs aren't cookie-cutter either.

They find new ways and experimental undertones to be able to keep things their own and let them have their edge and color at the same time.

Speaking of which, I think that the track listing of the record was really well thought out because they give you certain breathers between different kinds of tracks.

For example, you'll get a hard-hitting heavier track with a deeper Rift and Wilder guitars and then in between that you'll get an acoustic track that feels like a radio song from the 90s.

So it's got balance even in that aspect which is genius.

This was a killer record packed with character and heart and I give this an 8 out of 10 without question.

If you're into real deal genuine hard rock, alternative rock, and more, than this record is 100% for you.

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