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A Fresh New Single From Berner Trail

Berner Trail releases a new single that sticks to a classic rock style and bursts into a heavy and melodic chorus section that drives everything all too well and gets a really fun feeling.

The track is dubbed "Tell me How You're Doing" and it can seem almost like an Irish drinking song down at the old pub where everyone raises their glasses and sing along to it.

There is a really great vibe that happens to you when you listen to this song and it's something that you end up liking a lot.

This song is a quick one but also one that is so catchy that the melodies and parts bring you back to it again and again.

You should really listen to this a few times in a row. It's got a spark to it.

So, what is a song like this all about? As the band puts it -

"Tell Me How You're Doing is lyrically a last-ditch effort to communicate with a lost person. Musically, the song toes the line between Garage Rock and Classic rock sensibilities. Musically and lyrically the song is locked in a sparring match with the message bubbling underneath."

"Tell me How You're Doing" is melodic based pop-rock at its finest.

You can check this out on their Spotify or the band's official website as well as digging into their Instagram to find out more.

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