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A Contemporary Pop Record Released From Soft Set Beckons Our Younger Selves

The latest from Soft Set is a harmonious and dream-esque contemporary pop record that borders on 90's alt rock and boasts a wonderfully colorful edge that lines the release throughout its course.

The Love and Dancing EP is bright and flowing as it washes you away with its sonic presence and vibrant feeling.

The songs are either laid back or completely danceable and most have the aesthetic of songs from years passed in fused with a current tonality that makes it their own.

Each song takes on it's own life but the EP as a whole really works well as one big peice of work and almost feels like a concept record of sorts.

Packed with honesty and melodic hooks, the songs have a certain sheen on them that becomes part of the bands staple sound.

One of the best tracks on the release is dubbed "Never Die" and it just has a way of keeping you afloat and feeling good.

You vibe with the songs atmosphere straight away.

Soft Set has a also released several music videos for some of the songs from the EP and the one for "never Die" helps it all make sense.

You'll have to see for yourself what we mean and you can do just that below.

As a whole the EP is beautifully constructed and well worth your time.

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