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A Brand-new Banger from Vendetta Love

The latest single from Vendetta Love hits hard with outstanding guitar work and wastes no time rocking out right from the get-go with a lead solo in the intro of the song paving the path for what you can expect to hear next, and it's all done with this classic metal approach and gusto that you just can't let go of.

"Soothe" certainly comes in swinging and these guys have a true arena rock feel to their style and approach in songwriting but it's that performance that reaches out and slaps you right in the face because not only is it colorful but it's also edgy and the energy is unreal the entire time almost like the record of this track live on the floor and everyone is feeding off of each other.

There's a lot about this track that feels anthemic and they have these great sorts of vast and gritty breakdowns in the track that showcase personality and character along with a little extra heavy influence in the sense of that thriving alternative and metal sound.

One of my favorite things about this whole track is just that mean riff and how powerful it is because it just shreds the whole time through and gives the song this massive drive.

What's most fun is that after you get that heavy riff that's just banging, you get this fast lead guitar stuff that adds extra layers to the track while the drums pound, and everyone involved just puts out this electric energy that feels completely unstoppable.

This is like a cross of classic sort of hair metal, thrashing alternative rock, and even heavier metal especially in those crunching breakdowns so you get a lot of these undertones and approaches that are all rolled up into one fat song that hits nice and hard like a sucker punch to the gut.

But again, it does so with a personality and that is something that lets the song hit you in a particular way.

Listening to this track makes you want to go see them perform live for sure because when you hear it you just know that these guys are an amazing live band and it's not often that you can just listen to a recorded track and automatically know that these guys kill it live but here, it's obvious.

This was ridiculously fun, it had tons of charisma and a perfect level of edginess that's never super over the top but just perfectly done so that you can bang your head, sing along, or just rock out with your fists in the air right alongside this track.

The vocals can be subtle or belt out when they need to and you can tell everyone here has a love for what they're doing, and so the song comes through with a lot of heart.

Check this track out and turn it nice and loud when you do.

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