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A Blistering Metal Release from Kiyohime

A massive new EP from kiyohime brings on a flurry of brutal and heavy-handed metal that ranges from melodic to death and grindcore, and so much more but it's all delivered with a fierceness and a fire behind it that really adds a drive and this gigantic sonic presence that you just can't look away from.

The Starve The Dying EP is riddled with character in the form of deepening riffs and pounding drums executed with precision and an unstoppable energy that becomes quickly infectious the deeper you go into the record.

A lot of these songs are absolutely explosive, and they come with a full set of thick guitar tones and drudging riffs that hit like a sucker punch to the gut and throughout it all you get this almost live performance energy to everything like the instruments are feeding off of each other the whole time.

This EP certainly has a certain brutality to it and there is a lot of detail in some of these riffs but it all has such a massive thrashing factor to it and for any fans of thrash or death metal, this is absolutely 100% for you.

The record is fully instrumental so you can focus on all those risks and all the drumming and the guitar work on this record is astounding from beginning to end.

This is one of those records that you listen to the whole EP and if you do so, it's only about 15 minutes long so all the songs connect feeling like one giant opus of a metal masterpiece.

This is something I found to be very fun, and it certainly feels like being in his studio and riffing out these ferocious and bountiful guitars and songs is where the artist is in his sweet spot or his own if you will.

There are some great surprises around the corners of this record, but everything has a blitzkrieg effect to it and you end up with Whiplash after some of these songs because they're like bolts of lightning just destroying everything in their path and moving on to the next track.

One of the things I adore about this is how it doesn't conform to anything socially.

It's about putting out instrumental metal bangers that people who love thrash metal can thoroughly enjoy and people who play guitar, especially in metal bands, will absolutely dig this record as well.

It all has kind of a dark theme to it as well and the essence of doom is evident throughout the whole record but that's part of its character.I think it's important to be releasing music that has character to it like this one does no matter what the genre may be.

This was a hard-hitting, high-octane, blistering release that leaves you dizzy and metal fans everywhere should be turning this one nice and loud.

Check out this whole EP when you get a chance.

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