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A banger of an EP release from Children of Eden and Apollo 03

A new EP release from Children of Eden teams up with Apollo 03 to create something of a thrash rock and alternative soundscape that brings together elements of hip-hop, classic rock, grunge, heavy rock, and a lot more that's all rolled up into one gigantic atmosphere and these songs have a great level of intensity and the feel of a live performance at times.

The Garden Variety III EP comes through with a righteous energy that is very infectious right from the get-go and that live performance aspect comes from the fact that the players involved feel like they're just feeding off of each other's energies the entire time and this gives the record a whole new breath of life that makes you want to see them live just because the energy captured on the record itself is so intense.

I love the feel of the classic hard rock aesthetic coming through heavily throughout this record, especially on the first track called "Backstreet".

This track in particular delivers that arena rock undertone and even the guitar tone itself is spot on for the genre along with this crazy almost animated vocal approach that hits as hard as the rest of the music does so the balance dynamically between everything is really hitting all the sweet spots that it needs to.

There is a lot of power behind these two tracks and each one of them has a little bit of a different approach for example, the actual song "Children of Eden" which follows the first track, is the one that gives more of an edgy, alternative and hip hop mix that you don't expect to hear when it first comes on but then it hits you and that impact leaves a mark.

I think it is addicting the way these songs were arranged and built because they never lose that character that soul that they started with in the first place and it's strange, but these two songs go together quite well aesthetically.

You certainly get the sense that everyone involved had a really good time creating these songs and putting them out to the world, and for people who love classic hard rock, metal, and music with a heavy push and something a little bit outside the box creative wise, this is definitely a record for you.

I for one would love to see these two tracks performed live right in front of my face and I dig the variety of old school and new school blends where the first track reaches into more of an 80s undertone rock-wise, the second track hits more of a 90s rock and hip-hop mix that you would hear on the radio a lot.

Most importantly, these songs have a punch to them and it's that energy and that character that you become attached to, and end up wanting more of.

I think for these two artists it was a genius idea to collaborate and in doing so I feel like they've created something neither of them would have done on their own.

This was strong EP, and you'll end up listening to these songs more than a few times in a row if you're anything like me.

Take a listen to these tracks when you can and turn them up because they're anything but garden variety.

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