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Artist Spotlight Interview - Razo Rodriguez


The latest from Razo Rodriguez is a killer fuzz rock track called "Medusa".  

The single is an upswing, in your face, raw energy banger in the vein of bands like Death From Above 1979. Primarily bass, drums, and vocals, this relies on brute strength, melodies, character, attitude, and grit. 

Drums pound away while a distorted bass slams and vocals whale and it's all a ton of fun. 

"Medusa" is the first release from Razo Rodriguez since 2018 and it's been worth the wait. 

We wanted to have a chat with the guys to see what's next for them. Here's what happened. 

RAG: Okay so let's start with "Medusa"/ This track is driving bass and pounding drums and has a garage rock feel but pop undertones. Where did this track come from?  


Most of our song ideas come from us jamming in the garage. It will usually start with a groove and develop into a song the longer we play. For Medusa, we wanted something simple, fast, and catchy, with lots of energy.


RAG: You guys have a drum, vocal and bass sound almost like Death From Above 1979 or Royal Blood. Great sound! What bands are your actual influences? 

RR: Those bands definitely inspired us to start performing and writing as a drum and bass duo. They showed us that two people can get together and make a lot of sound. But our roots have always been planted in punk rock and metal.  

We listen to all kinds of music. Everything from punk, metal, funk, rap, hip-hop, soul, r&b, blues, country, singer-songwriters, pop, rock, classical, jazz, the list keeps going! Too many artist and bands from these genres to name! As musicians we are constantly seeking inspiration, and we are inspired by all of this music.  We think the future of music is genre blending, there’s already evidence of it happening now in a lot of popular music. This is something we strive to do with our music and started to experiment with when we recorded ‘Razo Rodriguez’ our self titled EP back in 2018.


RAG: How did all of this start for you guys?

RR: Similar music interest, a crappy drum set, an old rusted bass guitar, and a college dorm room. 


RAG: Did you guys used to play live? After listening I feel like I'd love to see you perform live. Will you go back to that when the time comes? 

RR: We’ve performed live together before in other musical projects. But when the time comes, we will definitely be playing live as Razo Rodriguez. We want to record and release more music first, along with more music videos and pictures. We are currently discussing and working out what our live show will be in the future.


RAG: Is "Medusa" part of an upcoming album? 

RR: No Medusa is just a single, but it is definitely a stepping stone in our musical development and is a glimpse into the future of Razo Rodriguez.


RAG: What's next for you guys as a band? 

RR: We have more music and videos on the way. We’re also getting ready to start playing shows next year in 2021, pending how things are with Covid.


RAG: What do you guys do when you're NOT working on music?

RR: We both work full time jobs. On our days off from work, we’re probably cooking out on the bbq grilling fajitas and drinking a beer. Or playing video games.


RAG: Before we go, is there anything you'd say to your fans? 

RR: We want to thank everyone who has listened to Medusa! Music video for Medusa is coming soon! If you haven’t already, subscribe to our YouTube page for more music and videos. Razo Rodriguez music is currently available on all music streaming platforms. Follow us on social media...make it weird.

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