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Vibrant Pop-Rock From Eight Feet Fine

An EP release from Eight Feet Fine hits a vibrant and uplifting pop-rock tonality as the Sonic presence of this band shines and lets them hit these wonderous pockets that give you hooks and choruses that stick in your head for hours or even days after the songs have ended.

Eight Feet Fine is a pop rock/pop punk band from Erkelenz in Germany, which was founded in 2021. Besides punk and rock, the four guys are also inspired by other music styles, such as singer-songwriter or country, and manage very well to create a balancing act between loud guitar music to sing along and melancholic sounds that inspire to think. Sound-wise the still-young band reminds of artists and bands like The Menzingers, The Gaslight Anthem Hot Water Music or Dave Hause. The band consists in the current line-up of: Sascha Appelt (vocals and guitar) Axel Meyers (guitar) Florian Jendryschik (bass) Michael Lenzen (drums).

The What If! EP shows this band's true colors as they drop songs that are genuine and have a lot of honesty to them as they tell certain stories and at times it gives you this cinematic and almost nostalgic undertone and I'm a big fan of this cinematic sort of rock sound.

These guys really have a radio-friendly but still unique approach to doing what they do and each of these songs tells a little bit of a different story and shows a little bit of a different side to how the guys write the songs and their personalities.

I think that's one of the biggest things about this record. the whole release has a lot of character to it and I think that's what you get attached to the most.

In a strange way, it feels like these songs were written just for you even though you know they weren't.

You're able to relate to them and really understand them to the point that you feel like some of these could have served as the soundtrack for a certain chapter in your own life.

The lyrics are straight from the heart and the singer has no problem letting loose and wearing his heart on his sleeves which makes the songs all the more alluring and authentic.

This is a driving rock record that has elements of alternative, pop, and indie rock all rolled into one but through it all it never loses that persona and I think that's something that gives the record so much extra appeal.

The energy on the records really good as well and it feels as if some of the performances were live because it seems like the players were feeding off of each other's energies the entire time.

This sort of energy is not always captured on a release this way so when you hear it it's very refreshing and it's eye opening.

I also really enjoyed this sort of indie rock vibe that these guys hit sometimes and you can tell it's about it all they really give it their all.

This is almost like an arena rock type of feel actually and the whole record just makes you want to go see these guys live in your face.

The guitar tones and drumming are all really nailed and the whole thing has a certain atmosphere that pulls you in but once you're there, you don't want to leave.

There's just as much color as there is edginess on this record and it's something that makes me want to keep an eye on this band to see what they release next.

Their powerful tone and impactful songwriting come through with Vigor and realness which serves for the kind of record that is memorable in the end.

It's really easy to get into an album that has impact but that you can also dance to and sing along with as well and these guys pull that off without a hitch and with charm to boot.

This was a really well-done rock record that came from the heart and packed the perfect level of punch.

I'd give this an 8 out of 10 easily and I suggest that you listen to the whole record as opposed to just one or two singles because that's the way this is supposed to be soaked in.

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