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One Day We Will Be The Trees - Brink

Nestled within the atmospheric landscapes of London's urban expanse emerges the musical entity known as One Day We Will Be The Trees. A harmonious fusion of math-rock intricacies and post-rock expansiveness defines their sonic identity, and their latest creation, Brink, serves as a testament to their artistic evolution. Brink invites listeners into a realm where hazy instrumentals take center stage, gradually building and layering to captivating effect. The album's opening track, "...And The Leaves Will Shield Our Eyes," introduces us to the meandering soundscape characterized by sparse yet deliberate guitar arrangements. This sets the tone for the album's progressive rock undertones, with intertwining melodies and a resonant ambiance. "A Tangled Fog Of Pulsating Yearning In The Shape Of A Woman" propels the journey forward with lively percussion and intricate guitar work, conjuring an energetic aura. The music adeptly shifts between dream-like passages and moments of intensified fervor, as demonstrated in tracks like "Spectre," where vocals emerge as mantra-like focal points amidst the driven instrumentals. The convergence of punk and emo influences adds an additional layer of depth to their melodic storytelling. As the album unfolds, the soundscape takes a bold turn, exemplified by "All Squares Make a Circle." Here, amped guitars and hard rock sensibilities intertwine, showcasing the versatility and willingness to explore different textures. The ethereal "Speaker For The Dead" and the unconventional instrumentation in "A Vacancy, A Void" demonstrate the willingness to experiment, adding an ambient and otherworldly dimension to their repertoire. "Disengage" offers a refreshing shift with its acoustic guitar foundation, weaving together vocal harmonies that exude atmosphere and emotion. This track serves as a serene interlude, showcasing the band's ability to evoke mood and feeling. The album concludes on a warm note with "These Cursed, Mottled Hands," featuring stripped-back sounds and male lead vocals that bring a sense of closure to the sonic journey. Brink is a predominantly instrumental voyage, punctuated by carefully placed vocals that serve as moments of introspection within the musical odyssey. The album aptly showcases the mastery of their instruments, with guitars taking the forefront in a symphony of sound. Each composition gently guides the listener through intricate landscapes, gradually unfolding and revealing its sonic intricacies. One Day We Will Be The Trees has delivered a captivating debut album with Brink, a testament to their artistic potential and a promising glimpse into the future. The album's exploration of diverse textures and emotions presents a rich listening experience, leaving us eagerly anticipating the musical landscapes they'll traverse next.

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