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A Vast and Driving EP Release from Killa Kehla

A new EP release from Killa Kehla pays tribute to the Rave culture with a series of hypnotic, driving, colorful, and outside-the-box dance, house, and electronica pieces that all come together to create an atmosphere that you're able to fall right into and dance along with quickly.

The Real Rave Chronicles manages to take this Vibe and blend it with R&B, hip hop, and pop, and at times give this Ambience and dream-like undertone so there are so many layers and textures that mend and melt together throughout this record that it's more of an experience than just an EP.

The production throughout the record is outstanding and definitely pays tribute to the classic house and dance tracks from decades past but he also blends in this Indie pop freshness to the mix with auto-tune vocals and this forward-moving flow that lets everything hit hard when it needs to but also come off with a smoothness as well at times.

The EP spans six tracks and throughout those songs, you get an array of lush soundscapes that all manage to pull you away from where you are and put you in a different place altogether which is something I adore about the record because I love a good escape and I also love a record that brings up certain elements of nostalgia which this one certainly does.

Some of the Beats, keys, and synths hit this mid-90s vibe and for anyone that's actually been to raves then this will certainly hit home on certain songs, but other ones give off that R&B Vibe and some of these tracks are very radio friendly but they're all unbelievably danceable.

This is a cool record because it is built with a lot fewer walls than you may be used to so there are experimental undertones and approaches that not only bend and cross genres but do so in a way that brings in this bright pop element to the table.

I enjoy getting that classic 808 type of vibe from some of these songs and I myself, in my younger days of course, went to many waves in the city of New York and some of these songs hit that nostalgic sweet spot for me as I mentioned earlier so this is a great record for anyone that grew up listening to certain kinds of house, dance, and pop music especially ones that actually went to raves because that drive and that aesthetic is there.

There are definitely more than a few surprises around the corners and some layers that can be peeled back throughout this record, and I suggest you listen to it in full, from beginning to end, because that's the best way to soak it in.

Listening to only a few tracks from this doesn't give you the full range of what it has to offer.

This was put together with some heart and definitely serves as chapters in the artist's life as the title insinuates.

These are chronicles and for Killa Kehla, this may have been a little cathartic for him to put together and release as they do indeed from his experiences but for the listener, it's a whole other world and it feels good.

This is an expansive release, and you should check this out as soon as you can.

Certainly, don't be afraid to turn it up because you'll be fine to yourself dancing around with your fists in the air in no time.

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