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A Flowing Rock Single from Brother Swan

A brand-new single release from Brother Swan delivers a vast alternative rock tonality that comes in waves and gives the song the effect of being alive and breathing in its own way, and along with all of that, the song is delivered with a massive character that you end up just latching on to right from the get-go.

"Swimmer" certainly boasts some honesty lyrically and this is part of the character that I mentioned earlier but this track also has an outstanding guitar tone to it and a progressive approach that blends in almost vintage songwriting style and soundscape with a fresh one.

There's a lot about this track that just feels dreamy, and it keeps you floating a few feet above the ground at all times, but it also has its edginess blended in with that sort of color and this is part of what makes it graceful in a way.

The textures of the song melt together from those guitars to the vocals and a lot of is sort of dripping and reverb giving the song a bigger ambiance in its underbelly and this is something that is attributed to the mix for the most part.

When you have a track like this it has to be mixed properly for the aesthetic to come through the way it was meant to and the aesthetic of this track has a blend of that old and new school approach in terms of a progressive and dreamy rock but it also has that vastness to it and that is where the mix really has to be done right in terms of balancing the instrumentation and balancing the level of effects that are used.

If a lot of these guitars and vocals were dry for example, the song just wouldn't come across the same so whoever was working on the mix of this track whether it was the band themselves or someone outside, did an outstanding job of really making it work perfectly.

This track is all about feeling and it comes across with a strangely cinematic backbone as well, but these are the kinds of things that get you addicted to it.

It's like I'm listening to a song that has a youthfulness to it but at the same time a sort of old soul embedded in it, and this gives it a beautiful sound in general.

There are layers of guitars and notes that float in the songs ether and the whole thing creates an atmosphere that you just want to fall right into.

I adore the dreamy side of this track the most and, in a way, it's almost nostalgic but I can't put my finger on exactly why.

I do enjoy that though quite a bit.

This is the kind of track that speaks volumes for the band, and you can tell that these guys have a true love for their craft and when I say that I don't mean playing their instruments or singing, I mean creating songs together that are memorable to put out to the world.

Upon listening to this track, I took it upon myself to check out some other releases and I was pleasantly surprised with a bunch of stuff they released starting in 2022 including a full-length album along with some singles in EPs and everything shows a little bit of a different side of the band style, persona, and songwriting.

This is a band that's just bursting with that character and their energy is very unique but almost gives a live performance essence at times.

Once listening to this record I wanted to see it live just because the way it's captured on record is so good that seeing it live must just be a whole different experience.

A wonderfully woven single from a band I'll be paying a lot more attention to from here on out.

Take a swim through this one when you can, you won't regret it.

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