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At the culmination of it all, as dusk draws near- the Sounds of Summer call, for one and all to hear…


Utilizing the skills and resources harnessed from previous musical endeavors, Jake Anthony stakes his claim as an artist. Wanting to find his place in the music industry, Jake Anthony sets out to prove his passion and talent to all who will lend an ear. Sounds Of Summer is the debut representation of our young artist, providing an outstanding showcase of ambitions and how far they can drive someone. 


As the album progresses Jake Anthony’s vision comes increasingly to fruition- he’s shooting for the stars. In a world plagued by boundaries and expectations, Jake Anthony harnesses his dangerously-expanding ambitions in an effort to identify himself with a world of his own. Sounds Of Summer is the embodiment of persistence and passion from young artist Jake Anthony, providing an expansive and impressional debut to his musical universe. 

Jake Anthony grew up in quite a musical household as his parents soaked him with amazing bands of the 60's, 70's and 80's and from a very young age, Jake was fully invested in creating sounds picking up drums and guitars as early as his hands would let him. 

Throughout the years, Jake continued to expand his musical horizons by listening to new bands as well as delving into classics from the 1930's and has yet to find a genre he doesn't appreciate. 

The artist began making his own music in his teens and never stopped. 

"Creating and devising a song from scratch all by yourself is a very interesting process. My goals are always to create something I feel is fresh while properly calling back to my varying influences, while also feeling that I gave each part enough attention to fit into the big picture." says Jake of honing his process and style.

The Sounds of Summer is now available for streaming and download on all major outlets. 

To find out more about Jake Anthony, please visit

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