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With the release of "Fire", Booke takes some of the best parts of several genres and builds a sound all his own. Lush with addictive melodies, touches of nostalgic synthwave, and an infectious energy, the record boasts the aesthetic of synth-pop anthems. 


"Not exactly a word you would want to yell out in a crowd, especially these days, but Fire is the only relevant slang that could describe the woman of your dreams and the name of the new summer smash for 2022." explains Booke of his single.


Although the track speaks volumes for the artist, there is more to look out for from the artist.


The story of how Booke came to be starts with songwriter Byron Booker who, at the age of 4, knew he wanted to be an artist.  Watching and learning the moves of Michael Jackson along with singing Prince songs was just the beginning for Booker. 


As things progressed, he eventually joined the School Choir and mastered choral singing as he performed in front of thousands with a full orchestra in German, Italian, Latin and more.


Finding himself inspired by the lives of people like Berry Gordy, the founder Motown Records, he realized it was time to jump in and start his music career in the boardroom rather than on stage. 


Producing, consulting, and representing artists for years, Booker has had the opportunity of working with the likes of Brandy, Diddy, Snoop Dog, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Flo Rida, and so many more. 


All through his entrepreneurship he kept his creative flow and never really stopped writing music himself. 

After creating the Recording Artists Guild, home to over 20,000 artists worldwide, developing new content driven technology ventures, and having a heavy hand in the NFT market for musicians especially. Booker found it was time to get back to his roots and got back in the studio. 


What came out was "Fire" and it serves as a testament to where he is at with his sound right now. 


"Fire" is available on all digital streaming outlets now and Booke is currently finishing his next release set for later this year


To learn more of Booke please visit: (

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