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With the release of the self-titled album, Atelo Songs takes a new approach to blending genres to create something all his own. Laced with character, an edgy and colorful undertone, and plenty of hooks, the record boasts the aesthetic of indie folk-pop anthems. 


The first single and title track "words." grabs you with deep rooted guitar lines and lyrical phrasing that becomes quickly infectious. 

"The song was written as kind of a stream-of-consciousness. I think everybody tends to think in ways that can't really be put into words, and when I start getting deep into my own head it can sometimes be a swirling pool of memories and contradictory thoughts. The verses speak of different memories in a nostalgic way. While these memories are from less-than-perfect times, nostalgia tends to put rose-colored glasses over chaotic periods in our lives. There is something attractive about the idea of entropy, more so than actually existing in it. The pre-chorus sees a return from those memories to the present day, and how life can seem almost boring now compared to those times. Part of this is because there is a lot more to be lost now than there was back then. We don't really think about our future or reputation in our teens or even early twenties. "Everything matters way too much." This can be overwhelming, and at times you can suddenly get a little nihilistic in order to cope. "Everything is pointless." I found it pretty wild that you can have both of those thoughts at the same time. It makes sense in the head, but when you say it out loud the contradiction becomes obvious, and you sound like you're out of your mind. I don't think this gets talked about often because if you try to put it into words, you sound absurd." explains the songwriter of his single.

Although the singles speak volumes for the album, to get a full understanding of where Atelo Songs is really coming from, the album should be heard in its entirety. 


“Atelo Songs was originally started with the intention of being an acoustic act with sad yet intimate vibes, but over time has evolved and stretched into various genres including folk, indie, rap, pop, and electronic. Most of the songs still have a melancholic feel as far as the lyrics go, that has stayed fairly consistent. But I have gone from using extremely minimalistic production to much more detailed and constructed songs.” says the artist of creating the record.


Atelo Songs is the brainchild of songwriter and performer Sam Gleason who has taken his time to work on his sound and structure building songs and recording techniques alike.


Throughout 2022, Atelo Songs has begun to make waves and the project has put much focus into online presence however, this year the artist is putting more into the live performance aspect and will be working on booking shows as much as possible. 

The self-titled Atelo Songs album is a testament to where he is at with his sound right now. 


 The album is available now on most major streaming outlets and the artist is always creating.


To learn more of Atelo Songs please visit:

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