Xperience - "Cats and Dogs" WOrld Premier

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The world premier of the new single from Xperience is a crazy good time and we're all invited to the party. 

"Cats & Dogs" is a banger just waiting to be cranked up. The track brings a cross between old-school hip hop feels and a current pop style together smoothly as hell. Sprinkle on horns and unbeatable attitude and you have a hit. 

Xperience, already known around the world for co-writing with Macklemore, brings the big guns to the table with this new single and it hits all the marks spot on. 

This is by far one of the catchiest pop songs you've heard in a long time and it shines bright with creative energy and manages to push the envelope seamlessly. 

Available TODAY everywhere, check out "Cats & Dogs" by Xperience.