Artist Spotlight Interview - Weatherworn


Weatherworn dropped their newest single "Head In Hands" and it screams of heartfelt pop-punk and a polished alternative rock sound that hits hard and has a way of grabbing hold and not wanting to let go. 


It probably has something to do with their insanely catchy choruses and  bringing in elements like piano in the mix giving it even more of a radio friendly feel. 

There is something about the song that gets you on a bit of a deeper level as well. It's hard to put your finger on it but it's there. 

Growing up, I loved bands like Saves The Day and these guys give me that same feeling which really doesn't happen often. 

What's just as good about this is the video for the song. 

We wanted to have a sit down with Weatherworn to find out about all of this. 

RAG: Okay guys let's start with "head In Hands". This is a radio ready rock song with loads of pop-punk tendencies. Where did this come from?


Weatherworn: Hey guys, Joey here. You know, Head in Hands is an interesting one. I started writing down ideas for this song right after the pandemic hit. We had just wrapped up our East Coast Winter “Tour” and then we got news of quarantine.. The original draft consisted of midi strings, piano, and bass, just as a way to keep moving.. I shot it to the band for personal feedback and didn’t expect much to come from it.  Everyone loved the direction, so we kept it going.


As far as rock and pop-punk tendencies go, I was a lot of listening to early Jack’s Mannequin, Taking Back Sunday, and Tigers Jaw at the time.


RAG: I have to say the video was quite amusing and shot well! Did it take you long to do? Did it come out as good as you'd hoped?


Weatherworn: We’re glad you think so! Head in Hands was filmed and directed by Rory McAllister. He’s amazing at what he does. Rory, Steven (lead guitar), and I shot ideas back and forth over an initial zoom call. We had a ton of plans for the video. Covid-19 constraints presented limitations to the initial plan so we got creative. Steven suggested the animal masks so that we could hide our “masks” while filming inside at Picadilly’s Brew Pub. The band planned to film on the rooftop of the Shenandoah Discover Museum (location 2), but we were rained out. So we moved indoors.


The best part of this video is that we filmed within one day and forced ourselves to roll with the punches, regardless of what nature threw at us. Rory’s creativity and ability to think on his feet was a lifesaver. We couldn’t be more happy with the end result!


RAG: You guys have some alternative rock, punk, and more in the track and I wanted to see if you could tell us what bands are your biggest influences. 


Weatherworn: Influences vary greatly between each band member. We listen to anything and everything. Weatherworn began as a solo project where main influences came from bands like Bayside, early-Green Day, MCR, Taking Back Sunday, and Tigers Jaw.  When writing Head in Hands, I sent instrumental ideas to the band. Everyone  developed parts by adding unique twists and technique. I think that individual “style” from various influences really makes this song stand out, past my initial draft.


RAG: How did this all start for you guys? How long have you been a band?


Weatherworn: I (Joey) began performing under the name Weatherworn in 2018. The first EP was a collection of songs that I wrote, performed, and recorded in 2016. 


Funny enough, if we go back to 2016.. our drummer, Adam, recorded bass and drums on some of the tracks to help me out in the studio. From 2017-2018, I touring acoustically with Caught Up In A Dream, a solo project that belongs to Dylan, our new lead singer.


Fast forward to 2018, I began tracking Weatherworn’s debut LP “Still-Frames.” It was written and recorded with a full-band in mind. After the album was released, a line-up was established. It was officially solidified in Nov. 2019 with Adam (Drums), Jack (Bass), Steven (Leads), and myself (vocals/guitar). After returning from our 2020 winter tour, we began to realize that something was missing.. we needed an energetic frontman who could successfully engage with a crowd. Dylan and I had performed together for years and we’d talked about playing together in band. Dylan on vocals was a no-brainer... except that he lived in New York.


Regardless of how bad COVID-19 has been, the timing lined-up perfectly. Dylan and his wife had considered moving out of NY...They relocated to VA in July of 2020 and we began working with Dylan immediately. He joined us in the studio two weeks after the move and tracked vocals for “You Had Me at Hello” and “Head in Hands.” Without a doubt, Dylan was the missing piece to the puzzle.


Now for the real kicker... Adam (Drums), Steven (Lead Guitar) and I played in a punk band together from 2008-2011. We played in other bands, some of us played in projects together. Regardless of how much fun we were having with music, something was missing. So thankful to have the opportunity to play together again, nearly 10 years later.


RAG: You guys have been releasing albums and singles since 2019 and have definitely accomplished some great creative strides musically. Is there any advice you'd give to other aspiring bands out there just trying to keep it up?


Weatherworn: Keep going. Don’t give up. What you put in, is what you’ll get out. Band chemistry is everything. If you want it bad enough, you’ll find ways to make it happen.


RAG: What's next for you guys? Anything new in the works even now?


Weatherworn: We begin tracking LP2 this month (November 2020). Keep an eye out!


RAG: What are you guys doing when you're NOT working on music? 


Weatherworn: We work A LOT.. haha. Outside of music and day jobs we like playing videos games. Jack (bassist) loves League of Legends. Adam (Drums) enjoys playing World of Warcraft and various RPGs. Dylan (Vocals) and Steven (Lead Guitar) are both into cars. I’m a grad student and enjoy watching movies/tv shows to unwind. A majority of us love hiking, snowboarding/Skiing, and outdoor activities. We love spending time with our families. 


RAG: Are you guys going to plan on playing live when the time comes? Did you used to play live shows before the whole pandemic?


Weatherworn: Before Covid, we were playing shows in the DC area. Some 2019 highlights included DC9 and Public Bar. A winter tour in support of our debut album “Still Frames” took place in Jan/Feb right before the pandemic hit. A few notable stops included Skylark Social Club (Charolette, NC), The Cave (Chapel Hill, NC), Epicure Cafe (Fairfax, VA), and a DIY favorite, The Meatlocker (Montclair, NJ).


Our hope is to return to shows as soon as the pandemic passes. We’ve been fortunate to play a few livestreams and covid-compliant outdoor events in our hometown. We’re uncertain of what the future holds regarding the pandemic. The plan moving forward is to adapt and perform as safely as possible.


RAG: Before we go, is there anything you'd like to express or say to fans of the band?


Weatherworn: Thank you so much for having us today. To our fans- thank you for the support and kind words we’ve received thus far. Music is what we live for and we’re fortunate to be able to share this experience with you!

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