Wardrum Syndicate clears their own path 

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Progressive metal is the name of the game with Wardrum Syndicate's new single "Seasons Fall". There is a desert rock style with a blend of Alice In Chains and Tool, along with some new tricks. 

The song has an epic sound and a legendary chorus. You can really hear the tasteful maturity in the songwriting and these guys still hit those breakdowns and smart time signatures that keep you coming back for more. 

Guitar wise it's got some wild riffs that bend and crunch across the melodic heavy tones of the track while vocal harmonies belt. Gorgeous lead solo work builds as the drums begin to pound double kicks and the song explodes towards its finish. 

Lyrically the song speaks truths about others speaking lies to cause hurt and it has a never ending relatability. 

Wardrum Syndicate has begun to pave their way in the rock arena and "Seasons Fall" is the down right massive clearing of that path. 

Totally outstanding track from these guys.