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Violet Dials

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With the release of The Hodgepodge album, Violet Dials takes some of the best parts of several genres and builds a sound all his own. Lush with addictive melodies, a dream-rock undertone, and an array of instrumentation, the record boasts the aesthetic of alt-pop anthems. 


The first single "Vanilla Is an Orchid" is a tasteful and infectious song built with pop tones that let the song shine.


"With 'Vanilla Is an Orchid', I wanted to make something that was just kind of pleasant to listen to. The lyrics aren't about anything in particular; they're meant to just sort of match the dreamy vibe of the song.  I like a lot of dreamy, relaxing music, so that was definitely an influence on me with this tune. The structure of the song is maybe a little different from a typical pop song, but that's pretty normal for my stuff I think.  A lot of my lyrics (although not all) are more designed with pleasant imagery in mind as opposed to specific, concrete meanings. That's definitely true for this song." explains songwriter Greg Manata of his single.

Although the track speaks volumes for the album, to get a full understanding of where Violet Dials is really coming from, the full album is a must hear. 


"My sound actually evolved quite a bit throughout the process of making this album. The songs on this album weren't originally written to go together on one album. Instead, they were mostly recorded individually over a period of several years, hence the name Hodgepodge. In that sense, it's kind of a compilation album. It's also mostly chronological so, when listened to from start to finish, you can get a glimpse of how my sound has evolved over time." says the artist of creating the album.

Violet Dials is the brainchild of songwriter Greg Manata, and the story of how it came to be started with music lessons he took in elementary school. This was a strong start, but things didn't really start taking shape until he found the drums in middle school. It wasn't long before Manata realized that composing music was the most fun for him. 

In high school, the songwriter picked up a guitar and luckily had a friend with a home studio setup. Manata would record his compositions at his friend's place and quickly found he was in love with the recording process. 


Now,  Manata built his own set up for recording and has been honing his styles in both recording and songwriting since. 


Releasing Ep's and albums since 2014, it wasn't until now that Hodgepodge was finally born. 


Hodgepodge is available on all digital streaming outlets now and Manata is currently finishing his next release under Violet Dials.

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