twin void melts your face with electric drone wasp 

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Twin Void just dropped a new single dubbed "Speakin' In Tongues" and it's 100% guts and glory rock. 

Upon it's beginnings you already get an MC5 feel with an absolutely raw balls to the wall energy that's unbeatable. Screeching vocals and classic rock riffs keep the tack pumping as it melts your face through your earholes. 

The single has a great raunchiness to it and it seems as though it's almost like a live performance as each player feeds of the energy of the next. That sort of thing is hard to come by. Like classic jazz records where everything is recorded live on the floor, Twin Void nails that live, in room sound blazing sound. 

Just one of a solid set of tracks from their new Electric Drone Wasp EP, "Speakin' In Tongues" should be played at full volume at all times. 

We can only hope Twin Void (along with many other bands) goes back to live shows so they can actually melt faces live which, I'm sure, they are dying to do. 

For now, the Electric Drone Wasp EP will certainly do.