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With the release of the Winded / What's The Point double single, Tralala takes a fresh approach to indie-pop. Laced with addictive melodies, synthesized textures, and plenty of character, the record boasts the aesthetic of alternative-pop anthems. 


"The first single "Winded" shows an edgy but catchy style that evokes pre-millennial alternative while also adding modern, atmospheric post-punk twists.     


"There is so much in our life that we don’t have control over. If you are an idealist or a contrarian, your soul will be relentlessly crushed. Winded was written in my late 20’s at a time when I had gotten tired of observing (and being devastated by) the world and not taking any chances." explains vocalist and songwriter Drew Price of the single

Although the single speaks volumes for the release, to get a full understanding of where Tralala is really coming from, both songs are a must hear. 


"Chris and I started this project for fun. We just needed an outlet. But from the very first round of exchanging hands, it felt like we hit lightning in a bottle and have been having a blast ever since. The biggest change is our confidence has just been building over the last 2 years.  We also take more chances and will continue to iterate until we are both satisfied. Because our work is asynchronous, we have learned that being patient can really pay off. Sometimes songs disappear into a black hole only to reappear a few months later completely transformed " says Price of their progression in songwriting.


Tralala is the brainchild of Drew Price and Chris Trewin who had a songwriting partnership throughout the first wave of Covid.


Chris was looking for a collaborator after his previous band broke up, and Drew had a collection of songs he'd been putting together over the years. 


Each track started someplace completely different from where it ended up.

Winded began as an acoustic track that Drew had tracked in the studio years before. Chris liked it and ended up rearranging it and evolving it into a synth driven single.


The second single "What's The Point?" began as a swampy drop-d guitar riff that Chris lad laying around. Drew decided to start adding words and melodies to it and as the song developed, it became something special.


The duo knew they had captured something good. They knew they were onto something they should stick with and so they did.


It was then that Tralala was born. 


The Winded / What's The Point? double single release is available now on all major streaming platforms and the guys are already working on new m,aerial for upcoming releases. 


To learn more of Tralala please visit: Tralala (

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