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With the release of the "Freak Like Me"/"Sunday Blues" double single, The Losers Club takes the best parts of alt-rock and pop-punk and creates a sound familiar but all their own. Laced with addictive progressions, a youthful energy, and plenty of pop overtones, the record boasts the aesthetic of radio style pop-punk anthems. 

The first single, “Freak Like Me" grabs you with it's infectious drive and endlessly fun style along with it's breathing arrangement. 


"Well 'Freak Like Me' is about being really in your own head all time and feeling stuck. But realizing you're not totally alone and there's a lot of other broken freaks out there who are going through the same thing. " explains the band of their single.

Although "Freak Like Me" speak volumes for the band, to get a real understanding of where The Losers Club is coming from, both songs are a must hear.


"Both songs have pretty fun straight forward riffs and we are big fans of catchy hooks and choruses. You'll definitely find that in both these tracks. Break downs too haha there's just a touch of that.  I think we will continue to utilize both of our voices on tracks as we are getting more comfortable with writing harmonies and backing parts. Cade can also do anything so there's stuff on these tracks that's more than your typical pop-punk back beats. Stuff like disco drums and massive almost hair metal type drum fills. "says the band of creating the new tracks.


The Losers Club came to fruition after the band members had been playing in different bands for a while. Although they had been doing different things with different people, nothing really panned out and after meeting up, they decided to start writing music that was more to everyone's tastes. 


As the band explains it, "It was kinda like we all set up on a blind date and were like 'Yo...these are people are actually kind of sexy and smart.' Forgive the ridiculousness of that sentence, but I hope it paints a good early picture".


From their the band has always brought that energy to their sessions and things picked up quickly. 

This video has been deleted.
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