Artist Spotlight Interview - the safety word


With the release of their newest single "Games" (City Of Stars Remix), The Safety Word brings a cinematic feel to future pop. 


The single is a massive track with a bright soundscape reaching into vaporwave and dosed with ambient vocal harmonies and a sound that keeps you afloat. 


A slow motion neon lit flight through the night sky from beginning to end, "Games" is an astronomically animated and crisp track that grabs hold of you slowly and never lets go. 


A semi-cyberpunk trip to a distant land across a digital ocean of sonic elementation, this song is one to really soak in. 


With such an in depth single, we had to talk with The Safety Word to find out more. 


RAG: Okay guys, let's start with the CITY OF STARS Remix of "Games". This is a massive and ambient project that gives off cinematic pop vibes. Where did this come from?

The Safety Word: We originally asked Julian Smith to remix our song Games and us emailed me back to ask whether he could actually do it as a collaborative rework with his new band CITY OF STARS. This involved them totally deconstructing the song and building it up with layers of vocals and synths. They pushed it in a new darker more brooding direction and we were just thrilled to be part of this reimagining. It was during the intense period when all the Black Lives Matter protests where happening and riots and demonstrations where happening across the globe, this played a big part in shaping the intensity of the rework.


RAG: Do you normally work with CITY OF STARS on Remixes or is this a first?

The Safety Word: This was the first time we worked with them but definitely won’t be the last. We think that Julian’s vocals with our style  and Scyia’s production techniques are totally next level so you can expect to see another collaboration between us in the not too distant future.


RAG: You guys have some great sounds and styles on "Games". What are some of your main influences musically? 

The Safety Word: Simon – We are influenced by a wide variety of genres including chillwave, synthpop and modern alternative R & B. Some of favourite acts at the moment are Boo Seeka, Cub Sport, Rüfüs Du Sol, Washed Out, Cut Copy, Midnight Juggernauts, MGMT, Empire of the Sun, The Midnight, Ladytron, Satin Jackets, Neon Indian….I could go on forever we both just enjoy listening and discovering new music. We will often share a bottle of wine and have music appreciation sessions where we share our newly discovered gems!


The Safety Word: The video came out really great! Did it end up as good as you had hoped?

The Safety Word: We filmed the video in two separate locations in Victoria during the small window between lockdowns in Victoria which were amongst some of the strictest in the world. Our footage was filmed at Woodlands just outside of Melbourne and Julian filmed his in regional Victoria near Donald. We had a brief Zoom interview to chat about the direction, look and feel we wanted for the video. Both of our recorded footage was sent to Scyia who lives in Salt Lake City in the US and he edited it together. The film clip came out really well and we were really pleased with the result!


RAG: It's probably been a little while but will you guys be performing live when the time comes?

The Safety Word: We absolutely adore playing together live and it’s been one of the hardest parts of lockdown. We have started performing a few online concerts which is really fun but it’s not quite the same as the adrenalin you get from performing in front of a real live crowd in the flesh. I can’t wait to get back out there and perform live again soon, it is where we truly shine.


RAG: When did all of this really start for you?

The Safety Word: Great question! We formed in late 2014 and it took us a few years to refine our sound. During this time we were very experimental and played a lot of live shows and experimented with our overall aesthetic and sound. It really started to take off for us when we committed to releasing a new song every five to six weeks and spent effort on promoting the singles before and after release. This release schedule has really given us a drive to stay focused and creative!

RAG: You have a great fan base with almost 9k followers on Spotify alone! Any advice you'd give to other aspiring artists trying to get heard out there?

The Safety Word: We make sure we show up to our social media accounts everyday even when we are tired and don’t really feel like it. We treat it like a job, an enjoyable one but it needs to be treated like one. It takes time to build connections and this is done through using social media as a social platform, that is replying to comments left on our page and also commenting on others posts. We make sure we build rapport with our fans through knowing our culture and what is appealing to our fan base. Having said all that you can’t just sit back and expect people to find your music, you’ve got to hustle!


RAG: What do you think is next for you guys? 

The Safety Word: We will continue to release music every five to six weeks for the foreseeable future as we are enjoying the continuous momentum that this brings. Our next single Paradigms releases 27th Nov, this is was one of the first songs we ever wrote and it’s been a regular in our live show for a number of years. It’s quite an unusual song and it’s definitely not commercial in any sense but we really love the esoteric lyrics and psychedelic nature that it embodies. We will be releasing 2 versions of the song, a longer ambient journey dripping in reverb and delays as well as a punchier radio edit. We are currently putting the finishing touches on the fourth and final remix/collab album that saw us working with over 30 artists over a 6 month period this album The Safety Word Remixed Vol. 4 will be out by the end of the year. We are also finalising the last couple of songs for our second full length album which is set for release in early 2021.


RAG: Before we go, what would you like to express to your fans out there?

The Safety Word: We just want to thank everyone who has listened to our music, supported us through our socials and reached out through private messages to let us know how much our music has helped you through this absolutely crazy year. We genuinely appreciate every one of you and we look forward to continuing to devote ourselves to creating the best music that we possibly can.

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