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Brandon Prinzing & The old revival "Beggars Dime" Premier

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The world premier of "Beggars Dime", the latest single from The Old Revival, is here and it doesn't let down. 

The single kills with a great classic rock edge complete with guitar harmonies, an incredibly catchy chorus,  and even touches on pop rock with it's piano addition and anthemic feel. 

"Beggars Dime" is like a perfect blend of Andrew WK, Motley Crue, The Bronx and The Darkness all set up like a 4 course meal. And damn is it tasty. 

Bordering on arena rock, the single showcases the bands seasoned musicianship and youthful energy all at once.


One thing is for sure, The Old Revival just started paving their way in the rock world and they're gunning straight for the big boys. This track is out today and should be cranked!


"'Beggars Dime' is a song that sets the tone of the record, and it introduces what “9 Meals from Anarchy” is going to feel like in terms of substance and musicality.  With this being a loosely based concept record, Beggars Dime lyrically introduces the frustration of someone being left behind in life, sung over summertime feel-good melody and riffs. That contradiction, coming alive as things are falling apart, is a huge theme of this track and record.  So much heart and soul went into capturing that feeling in a song, and I think Beggars Dime does that in a way we are really proud of."  - The Old Revival

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