subxero tears it up with "Demons"

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The "Demons" single  from Subxero is an absolutely destructive, anthemic, crushing good time. 

The song features massive crew vocal chants, bone shattering drumming and a heavy yet melodic metal sound that hints to a dark side. 

The track breathes and swells in and out of explosive, fists in the air chorus lines, guitar hooks, and a faded hope.

Cool thing is that you can see the light at the end of the tunnel as the song changes and sways.  Brutal breakdowns and distanced lead guitars shredding along with damn solid production and a gigantic sound lands Subxero knee deep with the big guns of the metal arena for sure. 

"Demons" is both a banger and a sing along for any fans of edgy melody driven metal with good taste. 

The video also portrays some intense visuals to go along with this epic work. 

A killer metal track from a killer metal band here.