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With the release of "It's Always Been You", Sidney Riley takes the best parts of some classic styles and builds a fresh take on a vintage sound. Laced with addictive melodies, a heartwarming approach, and plenty of authentic character, the single feels like an instant classic.


"The inspiration for this song started with my now wife and I’s shared love of Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers. After her and I spent multiple days and nights driving around blasting that song singing it together, it became special to us both individually and to our relationship. I wanted to create her own unchained melody that was written for her, inspired by the love we cultivated together, that could be the soundtrack to our love story, and really any true love story." explains Riley of his single.

The story of how Sidney Riley began his musical journey starts when he was only 10 years old when he performed a song on a show called Children's Choice when he was living with family overseas. After performing "Country Roads" by John Denver and receiving wondrous support, he knew this was something he wanted to do.


After releasing "Exposure" and "Friday Night Rendezvous" in 2020, Riley put out the Diamonds EP the next year and has been building his repertoire and approach to pop music. "Villain" also released in 2021 gained the artist popularity and soon after, remixes of his material started showing up.


"It's Always Been You" is a step away from his sound, but his passion to create it for his wife led him to take new direction and the song remains an orchestrated and touching piece of music.

The single was also released with a beautifully cut music video that served as another testament to his love. 

"With this single my sound has evolved and/or changed in a few different ways. As a whole, I strive to create music that serves as a window into the endless ways we as people can genuinely connect with one another. With "It's Always Been You," I wanted to take that concept one step further, so I set out to create a song that provides both a window into the purest form of true love, and is also simultaneously the soundtrack to any true love story."  says the songwriter. 


"It's Always Been You" is available now on all major streaming platforms. To learn more about Sidney Riley please visit:

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