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With the release of the A Thousand Words album, Rainbow Death Rocket takes a new approach to blending some classic genres to create something all their own. Laced with character, an edgy songwriting style, and plenty of hooks, the record boasts the aesthetic of hard-rock anthems. 


The first single and title track "Dead Man's Blood" grabs you with a vast alternative rock feel that becomes quickly infectious.


"“Dead Man’s Blood” was a title floating around in my head for a year or more. I thought it was an intense title but never found the right riff to match. After I finished recording 11 songs that were intended for A Thousand Words, I listened back and felt like it needed something more. It needed another rocker and something crazy to get things started.

One day I was warming up before a show with my other band, Restless, and I started noodling this open string riff with just hammers and pulls, and it all seemed to fall in place for me. That riff was Dead Man’s Blood, and Dead Man’s Blood is exactly what the album needed! I went into “obsessive writing” mode, lol. I had that song on the brain day and night until I got it all worked out.” explains the band of their single.

Although the single speaks volumes for the album, to get a full understanding of where Rainbow Death Rocket is really coming from, the album should be heard in its entirety. 


“The songwriting process for me used to be lyrics first, that led to a “mood” for the music, which led me to the song structure and eventually the music. Lately though, I’ve been able to reverse that and do what most people do, which is start with music first and build the song from there. Sometimes I start with a groove or a guitar riff, and wait for a line or a chorus to jump out at me to use as the foundation of the song. Sometimes I end up with something fun, sometimes it’s depressing, but hopefully they are still enjoyable for people.” says the band of creating the sound.


Rainbow Death Rocket has been a band built by bandmates linking together and working on songs from different parts of the country and being influenced by bands like Megadeth, Living Colour, and guitar players lie Jerry Cantrell (Alice In chains), the A Thousand Words album showcases some of the bands best work together. 



The A Thousand Words album is available on most major digital outlets for streaming and download and the band is already putting together new ideas for upcoming releases.


To learn more of Rainbow Death Rocket please visit:

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