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Zigmont drops a colorful funk pop single

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Zigmont just dropped an ultra-fun retro-pop single that reaches into some funky undertones and guitar work along with some swagger riddled vocals that belt out with attitude and a great show of character.

"Devil in The Hallway" is an awesome, danceable and colorful track that just bursts at the seams with energy and style.

These guys have so much fun doing their thing you can tell with every note and strike of the guitar chord, slamming snare drum, vocal call out, and walking bass line.

This has elements of Prince or...the artist formerly known as Prince, Bowie is also there influence wise and you can feel those vibes heavily throughout the song's playback.

This is a killer track that brings so much vibrant and bright, get up off your ass and start dancing around the living room feels, that it's insane.

You can't not dance to this track.

Try it. Put this track on. Turn it up, and try not to dance. You'll fail because this single makes you move.

This is quite a good time and makes for a great party track..

The retro-pop element of it is strong too and it's all rolled up into one killer pop song that you'll want to show your friends.

Zigmont might be able to turn any mood from bad to good with this track.

It's refreshing to hear a track with this much groove and funk hit so hard and still come through with a light hearted undertone.

Very well done.

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