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Yify Zhang Gives Us A Beautifully Spirited SIngle

A new single release from Yify Zhang delivers such a beautiful honesty portrayed in such an uplifting spirit that the whole song boasts a character you become quickly addicted to and by the end of the song you feel alive and ready to take on just about anything because the song is so incredibly inspirational but it's that honest approach that really makes it so genuine.

"This Is the Year" is brimming with persona and this authenticity that draws you in and the arrangement and composition of this track has such a sonically cinematic backbone to it that it all has a way of sticking with you after it's over.

The song gives you this feeling and I think it's really important to have music like this because it lets you remember that you can thrive if and when you want to.

This track feels like it was probably cathartic for Yify to write and release because she's got such a wonderful way of articulating her thoughts, and it works really well here because this is a very emotionally driven song and it's so incredibly relatable to so many of us that we can't help but understand it for what it is.

This is a pop single that has a drive to it that again, is heavily cinematic and so lush and forward moving that you just want to hop right aboard.

I think her vocal approach in combination with the edgy undertone of the music works so well because these two textures complement each other and let the song feel vast.

I think what's important here is that there was a lot of attention to detail throughout the creation of this track but through it all and never loses that Soul or fire that it was born from in the first place and that in itself is the most impactful aspect of it all.

That fire is what I mean when I say the track gives you a certain feeling that stays with you. The fire is that feeling.

The music video that accompanies the single is absolutely outstanding as well and does an amazing job of portraying the artist's presence visually but also implying that the song is indeed for everyone and anyone who wants to thrive and reach their goal or shoot for their dreams or make that change.

This song is performed with such a particular gracefulness to it and to me was completely beautiful as the impact of it left its Mark and I think for other listeners it will do the same.

This is clearly coming from someone who has a real love for her craft and puts 100% into what she does which certainly makes me believe that this indeed is the year for her.

I'm going to be keeping a close eye out for Yify Zhang from here on out to see what else she's releasing next.

If you check this song out, you'll most likely do the same.

This song gets a straight-up nine out of 10.

But don't take my word for it. Listen to the track for yourself.

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