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Weekend Lovers Re-Create "Father Figure"

A fresh release from Weekend Lovers is a daring but outstanding cover of "Father Figure" by George Michael.

The track shines as a love letter to the original and it certainly comes through with that sheen and color that it needed to with some new twists and an indie-pop undertone that blends nostalgic sounds with a current refresher.

The song boasts a lively and youthful vibe to it which is pretty damn perfect for a song like this.

It needs to be lush and fun, and Weekend Lovers pulls it off without a hitch.

Vocals are spot on and again, have a little bit of a new feel but really pay tribute to the original in all the best ways.

There is a huge balance of what feels like an array of instrumentation, synths, textures, and tones that all seem to fit together like puzzle pieces so well it seems effortless.

You never think about a cover of a song like this, but I think that's because you never think anyone could pull it off really.

So, it's awesome to hear this Weekend Lovers kill it like this.

What's just as fun, maybe even more so, is the music video that accompanies the track as it really showcases some really good times and the bands fresh and bright presence as characters in general.

What's cool about that is you can actually hear that character in the music as well.

So, kudos to the band for pulling this one off and doing it the right way.

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