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Vylana Drops a Lush and powerful new single

A brand new single just released from Vylana comes through as an anthemic and passionate love letter to her creator and herself and it shines with an impactful power that lets her bring plenty of gorgeous presence.

"Phoenix" is an orchestrated and beautifully woven single that has the ability to make the hairs on your arms stand up.

It's got so much heart and so much soul embedded in it that it's engulfing and feels freeing.

This is Vylana's rise up from the ashes and damn does she have a graceful and powerful voice to show it.

The song is ethereal, R&B and soul and features strings give us hooks and percussion that has dep rooted rhythm.

Her voice and the music surrounding it lets you get washed away with it and it also gives you this energy and feeling like you can overcome just about anything.

It's incredibly inspirational and uplifting but the sense of a warrior defeating her foes in battle. Whatever they may be. She strives forward and overcomes, and you feel from that. You connect with it.

This song is breathtaking and imaginative. It's lush with textures that swim around the atmosphere and come back down with a closed fisted strength.

The release is cinematic, tasteful, and emotionally driven from start to finish.

Songs like this are very important. They let us know that we are not alone in struggle. that we can overcome.

Of course, not all of us can express it the way Vylana does. But we relate and it means something.

This song will move you and affect your thoughts. It will shift you into a place you haven't been in a while.

It feels amazing.

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