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"Voyage Of Lunacy" by Gabriel Contè

"Voyage Of Lunacy" is the latest release from Gabriel Contè and it's quite the showcase of passionate guitar performances and a great ear for soundscape.

The single gives a classic rock feel as it plays through and grows bigger and more intense as it does so.

This track feels like floating from rock n' roll dream to dream.

Using his guitar the way he does speaks volumes for this seasoned player as his control and emotion does come through to the point where it almost feels like the instrument is telling a story.

The beautiful thing about it is that no matter what the story is, the song sparks your thoughts and imagination.

It's a smooth and subtle piece that paints pictures with sound and that isn't an easy thing to do.

"Voyage Of Lunacy" is just one of four outstanding songs from Contè released throughout 2020 which can and should all be heard on Spotify.

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